Our Approach

Built on the pillars of Technology and Commitment, We also strongly believe in two more pillars - social responsibility and steady growth which lead to long-term success of the Company.

We at VPR Mining Infra consider sustainability as an integral part of our operational guidelines and strive to stick to that.

Apart from the safety, health and security of our own employees we have a keen eye on environment and people of the community where we work. We not just make sure the system is not disturbed but also ensure our support to the development of local communities, building proper environment and long term solutions for our employees.

Our growth curve proves the point of our commitment towards the sustainable growth.

Health and Safety

Our people are our strength who bring the success to our door step and make sure they have every safety measure in their work place. At every Site we take utmost safety measures to ensure no accident happens out of negligence.

Its not just the work area but the community where our people live is also crucial for us. We make that they live in hygienic environments to ensure their health. we also make sure they get paid with sufficient salaries and even more than the standard norms which enable them to lead a better life.

We make sure our employees are in par with the contemporary technicians and experts which acts as an enabler for their career growth and increase their qualification levels in getting better opportunities


We at VPR Mining Infra, we take minimum disturbance to environment as a key responsibility. To ensure this happen we bring into force serval environments activities into our Job schedules.

Efficient energy usage, Waste management, and reduction of green house gases in our working process are some in the things that we consider in making our policies.

Abiding to the rules and regulations of respective countries where we work and the global environment rules. A constant review of these guidelines is habit that we inculcated in our organisational process that helps in a sustainable performance in the industry


For the communities where we work are our homes. We don't see them as a work place, which helps us in bringing some critical changes in the way of life in those communities. This not just increases the living conditions of the community but in turn will benefit our organisation's long-term operations.

Sharing the lives with them, we have enormous respect to the local people and their traditions. We also try bring some betterment in their lives by making some investments into their infrastructural developments of the local communities. Along side the direct employment we provide a huge business to the local vendors and suppliers that gives us ample satisfaction as an organisation.


We strongly believe that a Happy Employee is cause of a Happy Client. Being a choice of employee is as important as being a clients choice and the ensure no employee leaves the company we being the reason. To implement this we give our employees Healthy and safe work environments, An effective incentive program in place, An opportunity to update to the trendy technology that helps them in enriching their professional and personal lives.

We encourage cultural cross promotion by bringing the efficient work cultures of one site to other which is strengthens our workforce in terms of thought process and efficiency.